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Hugh the Bastard, Sergeant-at-Arms to Sir Jean de Prideaux is on his way home from the Crusades where they served under King Richard 1, Coeur de Lion. Hugh has taken an oath at the behest of his late master, Sir Jean to try and discover what happened to Sir Jean’s daughter. She went missing from her home in North Cornwall several years before, while they were on Crusade. Hugh has no idea how to carry out his mission but his escape from death in unusual circumstances has left its mark along with his experiences amongst the Saracens.
His arrival at St. Michael’s Mount is by chance. What possible events could bring him back to the Mount? Why should an insignificant Cornish town, Helston, become part of a great turmoil? Why would Baron Henry de la Pomeroy, supporter of Prince John, Earl of Cornwall, take an interest in a common soldier?

ISBN 978-0-9569344-8-2

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John Swanson, the nom de plume of John S.R. Lawson C.Eng. MIEEE.

John became a microwave radio communications systems engineer in the Post Office Engineering Department in Dundee. He was then offered a chance to take part in the TELSTAR ( First Communications Satellite) experiments in 1962 at POED, Goonhilly in Cornwall. He became Station Manager during the next phase when Goonhilly carried live traffic from 1965 and after eighteen years he was promoted to a post in British Telecom International in London in Satellite Systems Ground Stations. Work on various UN missions followed with the International Telecomms Union, Geneva, in which he took his wife to Indonesia. Other missions to Sudan and India followed. This was interspersed with BTI SATCOM work in the Solomon Islands, Zaire, Belize, Gibraltar and system site planning in the UK. A more non-literary background is hard to imagine but their time in Cornwall has retained many links and eventually led to “The Shadow is Lifted” during retirement.


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