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This book can be considered as a tale of two dimensions. It is a story of a life intertwined with a war. It is not a World War 2 history. It is written as a collection of short stories rolled into one depicting the events of those years, whilst demonstrating the characteristics of Myrtle Russell's own persona, and anecdotes of her personal life. This saga relates to incidents during the years of a child aged 7 until just a few years ago when, aged over 90, she no longer travelled the world. The author has an insatiable curiosity and as the work progressed it was obvious that her idiosyncratic peculiarity had been satisfied. This book tells how it was achieved.


The photo is of Myrtle aged 18 in 1943.

In 2017 at the age of 91, her book Barley, Bombs and Bagels was published. A memoir of a former land girl during World War Two. Her daughter Sheila Gewolb wrote in her Foreword:

Dear Reader
Before you embark on your journey through this book, you need to have a sense of the mammoth achievement writing it has been for my mother, Myrtle Russell.

I would like to pay tribute to this elderly lady who, in her 92nd year, has managed not only to paint a picture of life in London during World War Two, but has painstakingly researched the backdrop to this black period in our history to help make sense of how and why war happens.

To complete the book, mum sat at her computer for up to sixteen hours a day for nearly a year. Her determination to get it finished demonstrates the tenacity and grit which has dominated a life full of tragedy. Not only has she been widowed twice and left to bring up five young children alone; she also lost her only son as a young married man in his thirties.

This book is written in her own inimitable style, full of colloquialisms and forthright opinion, to describe her anathema of war and its awful consequences.


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